Does he look

Like he is in danger, that is he scared for his life. While he was away from me for that 17 1/2 years, my sibling, and I don’t choose her as a sibling it is no choice of mine. She abused and neglected him, made him carry purses and act like a girl when he was younger. He wasn’t allowed to play with pooh bear because she said it would make him gay. And now she tells him because of the color of his skin, and  his choice of his sexual orientation that he has no right to claim her last name, let alone announce that his only sibling Clayton he isn’t allowed to state is his brother because he is white compared to Derick. And worst of all his own brother sold him out for a 700$ computer and a Ipod touch, so common sense would tell you that the brother never even accepted him for him, just because again of his skin color, and his sexual orientation.


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