My family*Clayton*derick. This is it. You people need to back off. And derick I wish you the best and I will always live you and your brother. But that’s it don’t contact me I’m so done. Remember i may have gave birth but that’s it. I’m not your mother. So for all who would like to know I met one of many men he was active with one time. Didn’t have a detailed combo with him. Because josh he didn’t want you to know about Spencer the one he lives with. This guy is in his late 40″s he should be ashamed of himself.  He buys dericks  love to get him to stay.. so everyone should know I changed my area code but I’m still in mobile. Because I knew Derick was lying to me like always. For example he don’t have I’d but he’s moving to London for school; next he’s joining the army. Next he’s being followed by the media like the famous people to he’s got connections in the white house. I think individuals in my family are right he needs to be home with his adoptive mother . Change is coming.

Ok Change is Coming

People, I let everyone know that my blogs were under construction, and here in a week that is exactly what is going to happen. So it may look like they are in non-existence but rest assured that I am still very much around. But I am changing and upgrading, and I will be adding more video’s to go with the information, along with adding ad’s for fee’s and what not. Any suggestions would be helpful. 


Listen, I am planning to add video’s to everything I post. But my opinion there should be information to back up the post to make sure the video is a reliable source of information that is just my opinion on that. Otherwise it has come to my attention that people meaning my family members whom I decided not to associate with is tracking my blogger accounts, because they don’t have a life or something. Any hoo I don’t care either way more traffic, more money for me. So family since you don’t have a life, keep reading my blog’s its making me money. Have a nice life. Since you can’t seem to stay out of mine.

Gifted, talented, Slow, Impaired, Different

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People we all fall in these categories, some of us are lucky to have a IQ of 200 +, why others are talented by making movies in Hollywood, being a rock singer just to name a few. But some of us fall in the remaining categories of being impaired in some way. For example a child who has cerebral palsy, who can’t communicate with words, but has a very good IQ, but has to overcome challenges to explain this to people, so the child is treated equally. And for impaired people that fall in the category of mental disabilities, that is a label that no one wants to be in, because people immediately think and I am quoting this stupid, retarded, a freak. Now I myself don’t feel this way because I am a disabled myself, but all this means is disability is different in majority which ultimately puts us in our own minority group. So even though a person maybe slower than you are, believe me that one way or the other that person or persons has hidden talents within themselves that they want to show the world so take the time to figure it out. 

These Questions

img006img005img011img010img009img008Ok I need to know this, the first two pages, are the reasons they social workers claimed they requested my rights to be terminated. Here is the weird part, it says is the mother suffering from mental disabilities it is clearly marked no, then it asked is the mother suffering from mental deficiencies it is clearly marked yes. Don’t you think if I had mental issues like they claimed no matter which way they worded it, don’t you think I should of qualified for services, lets say like Division of developmental disabilities, and according to the 6th document on this post it clearly states I didn’t qualify for services. Just like I didn’t qualify for services with Greater lakes mental health. Nor have I ever been on any form of medication to control these so called mental delays, nor did they ever offer me services to see a Neurologist with a MD background to help me deal with these issues so I could parent my kids. Comments are much appreciated. And the document from Loreen McCullum is incorrect, I was cleared of having Hydrocephalus in the 80’s, when they ruled out I wasn’t have seizures.

I am looking for some answers

img024you would think if I was ever actually accused of, or charged with child abuse to give CPS in Washington state  a legitimate reason to take my kids, wouldn’t you think I Would be in the Child Abuse registry, imagine my surprise when I learned that I am not in the system, nor have I ever been in the system as abusing or neglecting a child or a vulnerable adult. When I learned this information, you bet I got curious so I called the agency located on the top of this document and asked if a regular civilian could run a background check like this threw them. They responded with no, only a state official can use their services, that if I was ever in the system as abusing or neglecting someone even if it was from 30 years ago, it would still show up, especially if there was a concern of me currently neglecting or abusing a child. That just upset me more, so I went directly to Olympia, and showed this information and started asking questions, the guy I spoke to was baffled so he went and talked to this department. Again confusing, so when he got back to me, he confirmed that the document was correct that I am not nor have I ever been in the system as abusing or neglecting a child.

img025 according to this document the assistant attorney general at the time, Lisa Roth because Christine Gregoire was the Attorney general, even though my case was supposed to be in appeal, the woman on this document instructed all parties not to release documents to me, because my rights were terminated.  But how was my rights terminated when I am not in the child abuse registry.

img004img026 these records show when I was supposely in the system, but I never had a kid in 2001, but I am accused with child neglect and they claim my questionable child was qualified for the fast track to adoption. The date to look  at in 7/2001.