Living with Trudy, after Amy

There wasn’t physical abuse here like there was at Amy’s but I will go into detail of the abuse about living there under her title. At Trudy’s my brother Adam and I fled Amy’s because we couldn’t handle the abuse anymore, being made to dance in our undergarments for her enjoyment, being made to stand in the corner in the same manner. But that is just a taste what will be detailed about living with Amy and her husband. But when we got to Trudy’s everything seemed to be fine, but because again there was a power control over the SSI checks that Amy was cashing even though they were in our mother’s name and she was in prison. So for the longest time, it was difficult to live there because we had everything positively 2nd hand, and we were getting tired of it, Adam finally said screw it and he wanted to leave. Ultimately he ended up leaving and going to stay with one of the Garrision cousin’s named Rocky and that is the last time I would see if for a few years. I remained at Trudy’s house, and nothing was normal there, yes I did have a concern that I was still being touched in places I shouldn’t of been, but I had a right to not trust men because of what I had to endure in my own family of origin to this point, I did say things about her boyfriend that I thought might be happening, but because I can’t know for sure I do apologize for saying that. But with Trudy on the other hand, she was on this kick that I was overweight, so she started demanding I go on this diet of sorts, where I exercise and what I eat was monitored. I wasn’t feeling comfortable there, cause I was only 14 and her actions was causing me to have a real low self esteem problem routinely telling me all the time I was overweight. I knew that If I remained there it would continue, even though she wasn’t physically touching me in the way of abuse like Amy was, she was mentally and emotionally abusing me by stating things like overweight, I eat to much, basically trying to make me out to be something I am not. So finally I left there and went to Sissy’s house, thinking it would be better there. Next blog


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