I am looking for some answers

img024you would think if I was ever actually accused of, or charged with child abuse to give CPS in Washington state  a legitimate reason to take my kids, wouldn’t you think I Would be in the Child Abuse registry, imagine my surprise when I learned that I am not in the system, nor have I ever been in the system as abusing or neglecting a child or a vulnerable adult. When I learned this information, you bet I got curious so I called the agency located on the top of this document and asked if a regular civilian could run a background check like this threw them. They responded with no, only a state official can use their services, that if I was ever in the system as abusing or neglecting someone even if it was from 30 years ago, it would still show up, especially if there was a concern of me currently neglecting or abusing a child. That just upset me more, so I went directly to Olympia, and showed this information and started asking questions, the guy I spoke to was baffled so he went and talked to this department. Again confusing, so when he got back to me, he confirmed that the document was correct that I am not nor have I ever been in the system as abusing or neglecting a child.

img025 according to this document the assistant attorney general at the time, Lisa Roth because Christine Gregoire was the Attorney general, even though my case was supposed to be in appeal, the woman on this document instructed all parties not to release documents to me, because my rights were terminated.  But how was my rights terminated when I am not in the child abuse registry.

img004img026 these records show when I was supposely in the system, but I never had a kid in 2001, but I am accused with child neglect and they claim my questionable child was qualified for the fast track to adoption. The date to look  at in 7/2001.





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