1357764892886Everyday, we as the disabled minority, we are getting made fun of, our children or being bullied in school, people see us as freaks and retards in the community because they don’t understand what it is like to be different, not because they can’t it is because they choose not to see us for the people we can be. My disabilities are bad, but I don’t even compare to the disabilities of people with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and that is just to name a few, I have witnessed first hand how bad these people get treated and for what, just to make yourself feel like a big person. See the difference with a disabled, and a non-disabled is not because were Aliens from a different planet, we are just like you in every way, its just we got to do things just a little bit different than most that is all. This is why I am writing these blogs because it seems to me like all the services that is supposed to help us disabled live independently is being taking away, all because the non-disabled are getting made because the cost of living is high in certain states, but in other states its not high enough. Someone needs to re-look at the government to figure out where the problem is within it, and fix it this needs to be done so the future lays bright for our children. And I just want to be a voice that will help make sure that happens.


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