Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

I love my mother, because she was my mother she gave me life, but she was never there for me when I needed her the most. Growing up because she refused to make her eldest children move on with their lives, because they were over the age of 18, her choices ultimately would change us younger kids lives forever. I have a book that is being prepared as we speak that will go into complete detail of all the abuse, the neglect, the fraud, the lies, all on this entire family. The reason why I labeled this Munchausen by proxy is because after detailed information, medical records history and so forth, I believe my mother, and certain older siblings that I had the unfortunate time of living with. They had a routine history of making up health problems on me, claiming I was having seizures, that my eyes would roll back in my head, that just overall I would be having supposed convulsions. So bad to the point that they conned my pediatrician to put me on phenobarbitol, and Dilantin because of these supposed seizures. Immediately I am told there was noticeable problems, but no-one was listening. Than one day, we were in the car, my parents had stopped by the store for something, and I had fallen asleep in the back seat and I had stopped breathing, so bad that my lips were turning blue, the paramedics had to shoot a needle into my heart to revive me, I was rushed to Good Samaritan hospital where I was admitted for further testing. My pediatrician at the time was persistent to know what was wrong, so he temporarily stopped the medication, and requested I be given a glucose test, and within a short time of having this test, I started having the same problems, fallen asleep, and having convulsions, the final results of the tests confirmed that I had Ketotic Hypoglycemia. It was than that my parents were told that I would need to be on a special carbohydrate diet to control the problem, and because what this test confirmed that he was immediately taking me of the seizure medications, because he said I wasn’t having seizures, my body wasn’t getting what it needed. So this was 1981, all this time since I was seeing this pediatrician, I was on this medication, I was having major issues with allergic reactions, and swollen gums, and tonsils, all because my mother claimed seizures when there wasn’t seizures going on at all.  Because my mother never was allowed to be a teenage girl, let alone a person, she never got the chance to live, learn a job, so all she ever knew was living on the government. Hence she knew if it was determined that I wasn’t disabled the way she was claiming she would be in trouble, and have to pay back all that government assistance she had gotten to support her and the older 6 Garrison children with all their boyfriends and girlfriends. So to make up for her losses she made up health problems on myself, my brother Adam all because she wanted to make her 6 older children happy. This is why I believe that she suffered from this disorder, and no-one ever took the time, to figure out what was wrong with her so she could stop abusing and letting her older 6 children abuse her younger ones. I love my mother, she did what she could, but we never had much of anything because of her choices, which without a doubt I believe was because of her medical condition. But that doesn’t explain why her older 6 children had the right, to abuse and neglect us younger children. They should have moved out when they reached maturity, they should have let us have our time with our mother even though she was sick, I believe she would have tried to get help. Because she wouldn’t of had the older children there mentally and emotionally abusing her.  Comments are monitored, but there much appreciated.


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