Adoptions in Washington State

Ok People, I got to know since when is an adoption legal if the questionable adoption decree has no court seal on it. It just has notarizing of signature, can someone explain that to me, it would be much appreciated. Recently I learned after 17/1/2 years of not being with my son, he turned 18, and we learned that the adoption decree has no court seal on it, his social security number information states I am the only registered parent under his record. But Washington state officials refuse to give paperwork on why this happened. So I was informed when I looked into being a volunteer Ombudsmen, before I left Washington state for the final time. That in order for me to do this they would need to run a background check on me, to be sure I was never reported as ever abusing or neglecting a child or a vulnerable adult. And I was sure because of what happened with my kids, that something would come back. Imagine my surprise even though what the state did to get my kids with my families help without proving by overwhelming evidence that I abused them. It came back spotless, so I got curious, so I called to the background office and asked if a regular civilian that is not a state official can they run this kind of check through their department. And the lady told me that there was no way, that only state officials can, and that if i was ever in the system for anything, even if it was from 30 years ago, no matter the status of it, that it would show up if there was a current case on me. And still being the curious person that I am, I went directly to Olympia Washington and started asking questions, and a gentlemen named Chris came out and talked to me. He said he didn’t understand, so he went up and talked to them, and he came back down after i had explained everything to him, he came back down and confirmed that this background department confirms that i am not in the system.  But according to the termination packet they filed on me, it wasn’t because of abuse, it was because of mental and emotional delays, not mental disabilities. First of if you have mental and emotional delays, you most defintenly have some form of a mental disability, second if this mental delay was really true than why or how was it legal for the State officials to use my supposed disabilities against me. See there is extensive issues that need to be addressed with this situation, but the one that is suffering the most right now is my son Derick because of the mental, emotional, and physical abuse that he had to deal with because of his choice of being a homosexual. My son is black and homosexual and my family can’t or won’t accept that, so they slandered and humuliated, and abused him to the point he couldn’t handle it anymore, so he left the state for his own protection. People if you have kids in the system, FIGHT, never give up, demand answers. Everytime you go into that office, I don’t care for what ever reason, get prove you were there. Wright out a letter, date and sign it and have the receptionist date stamp, take pictures of your kids. If your kids can talk, ask question’s, keep notes. Take names of officials your interacting with, no all about doctors and schooling for your kids, do all the services that your asked to do and yes do the same thing there get written verification that you were there with names of people you spoken too. Get character statements, be independent and financially stable, know your friends, but especially know your family members, because when your children or in the system, to be straight with you, there is not to many people that can be trusted. Everyone you associate with make sure they walk straight and narrow because people, there looking for any reason not to give your kids back to you, my god look at all these children that are in the system, with no homes because of these idiotic social workers claiming abuse when there was never abuse going on. But than leaving the children in the home with the actual abusers, even to the point these foster parents they claim they checked out and passed, are the ones abusing, neglecting, molesting our children. So please people be prepared, keep notes, fight, be fully 200% involved with your children, know everything and especially know who their associating with. But don’t hover over them, be their parent, but be their friend too.


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