All your life you heard of peer pressure especially when you hit,  JR high, and most definitely in high school. How other teens will pressure you drink, to smoke cigarettes, to smoke illicit drugs. But in some cases it goes beyond that, there always is a teen that is different from the rest, that doesn’t give into the temptations, the pushing and the misleading lies just to be accepted. But what is someone supposed to do, when the pressure is happening at home, and all they can do to avoid being called names is to take what there being offered. Well what I think is, if we don’t want our children to do these illegal things like drugs, than the parents shouldn’t do it in front of their children, heck they shouldn’t do it at all. Isn’t the parents the ones that is supposed to lead by example. The truth is at least one child will take after his parent, in some way or another, so the parent should do everything positive in front of that child to make sure that child grows up to be successful and happy at everything that he/she does in life, but the key is the happiness has to be on his/her terms, not the parents.


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