What is the TERM Marriage

When you get married, I thought it was supposed to be because you love that person, that you can’t live without that person, you can’t breath without that person, things of that nature. Now if you have been with that person who is supposed to be your soul mate the one that your supposed to spend the rest of your life with, for more than 20 years, how does it make sense to do this. Share a home, your life with your husband, the one that should know everything about you, because he spent the last 25+ years figuring you out. How is it right to him, for you to sleep with other men, but come home to him and share a home with him, like there is nothing wrong with the relationship. I have issues with people who do this, but it is there issue if they have no self respect for themselves. My rule is if you been with someone over 5 years and your not happy, and their not happy, instead of jumping into marriage, work out the issues before that happens. But also I believe if you and the one your with love each other that is all good and fine, but if you have to go out and get what your looking for from another person because the one your with isn’t giving you what you need, than it makes common sense not to stay with that person because its not fair to you and its not fair to them. This is just my overall opinion, there is direct person that this pertains to, I just wanted to get my thoughts out on paper so to speak.


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