The reality of Bazaar daily news

People have you ever wandered who is behind the teen website Bazaar daily news. Well I have the answer to that question, he is my biological son Derick Goff, HE is know by many alias such as Daric Richie, Boy Bently and that is just to name a few. I can not have direct contact with my son, or my other son for that matter because my family of origin lied and got the state of Washington to help them kidnap my children from me back in the late 90’s. But this wasn’t based on child abuse or neglect as I originally thought this was based solely on lies because a particular sibling same mother different father, felt it was necessary to lie and steal my children because she can’t have children of her own because she is seriously infertile because of stuff she did as a teenager. But her jealousy of me took over and she had to lie to take my sons from me. So for clarification I have all the written proof I need to verify this whole situation was a lie, but I know Bazaar had postings up about an unnamed mother who was violated by the children’s protective services in Washington state, I am here to clarify that this was me. And even though she got my children and abused me as a child, along with the rest of my family. She still to this day even though I live 3,000 + miles away she is still violating my civil rights and getting Pierce county to file false domestic violence orders on me, knowing that I am way away from her and I am a person of disability, who don’t drive and has to use assistive crutches to walk because I have degenerative disk and joint disease from the neck down. So I just wanted to write this, to clarify any questions of the unnamed person on Bazaar’s website, but also to make very clear that the children in question I am NOT in communication with, nor do I want to be, and its not because I don’t love and accept them. Its because I don’t want to have the mental and emotional abuse handed to me from my family of origin claiming I am abusing these children when I am not. And just a quick bit of information to all you parents out there that had your children taken away for no reason, do research because just like me I am sure your rights were violated. And what I mean one of my sons, I learned recently even though I was led to believe that both of my children were adopted, my son’s name was changed on his birth certificate but not the information on his ssn number. And yes people I know the number doesn’t change when your adopted, but when the information states that you are the only parent on record that as far has social security is concerned he was never adopted. What are you supposed to think! Leave your comments, but leave them respectively. Please check out my website @ to learn more about me. Thanks.


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